Being self-demanding is the first step towards making high production films. Besides that, the commitment with the public allows us to create films for a universal audience.

Photography: Steffi-Gabrielle Tempestti


CITIZEN OF THE WORLD (in pre-production)

Director: David Casals-Roma
Screenwriter: David Casals-Roma
Length: 100 minutes
Formant: Fiction
Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Alex has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. From then on he focuses on finding a woman he once met. The only thing he has from her is an old key, so he dedicates day and night to try that key on all doors of the city. With the help of other desperate citizens like him, he will realise that the old key opens a key to a different life.


THE VOICE OF THAÏS (in post-production)

Director: David Casals-Roma
Screenwriter: David Casals-Roma
Length: 88 minutes
Format: Documentary
Genre: Historical/biographical
Year: 2021

Synopsis: Clara Mingueza is an acting student who discovers that Elena Jordi was the first Spanish film director. Even though she doesn’t have much information about her, Clara tries to recover that extraordinary woman from oblivion. However, she will face several obstacles that will take her on a different and unpredictable journey.


City Hall of Lleida

Christmas 2020/2021

Joan Oró College

Open Day 2021


Spring 2021